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China Buffet Bowling Green Ky

When craving a satisfying meal in Bowling Green, KY, head to China Buffet on Main Street. Whether you're a fan of General Tso's Chicken or prefer Vegetable Lo Mein, their menu has something for every taste bud. The cozy atmosphere and friendly staff make dining here a pleasant experience. Plus, with positive reviews praising the service and pricing, you'll get value for your money. If you're interested in discounts, takeout options, or catering services, this place has it all. Don't miss out on details about their diverse menu, customer reviews, and more.

Key Takeaways

  • Located on Main St. in Bowling Green, KY with ample parking.
  • Signature dishes include General Tso's Chicken and Mongolian Beef.
  • Positive reviews on service quality, food variety, and value for money.
  • Offers takeout, delivery, catering services, and meal deals.
  • Cozy ambiance with carefully curated decor and friendly staff.

Location and Hours

business operations and schedule

If you're looking for China Buffet in Bowling Green, KY, you can find it conveniently located on Main Street with operating hours from 11 AM to 9 PM daily. The restaurant offers ample parking for its customers, making it easy to visit, especially during peak hours. If you plan to explore the area further, there are several nearby attractions within walking distance, such as the Bowling Green Ballpark and the Southern Kentucky Performing Arts Center.

In addition to dining in, China Buffet provides local delivery services for those wanting to enjoy their delicious food in the comfort of their homes. For added convenience, the restaurant also offers online ordering, allowing you to place your order ahead of time and simply pick it up when it's ready.

Whether you're a local resident or just passing through the area, China Buffet's convenient location, parking facilities, local delivery, and online ordering options make it a great choice for a satisfying meal.

Menu Highlights

Explore the menu highlights at China Buffet in Bowling Green, KY to discover their signature dishes and popular favorites.

One of the signature dishes at China Buffet is the General Tso's Chicken, a flavorful and slightly spicy dish that combines crispy chicken with a sweet and tangy sauce.

Another must-try is the Mongolian Beef, tender slices of beef stir-fried with scallions and garlic in a savory sauce.

If you're looking for vegetarian options, the Vegetable Lo Mein is a delicious choice, loaded with fresh vegetables and savory noodles tossed in a flavorful sauce.

For those who enjoy seafood, the Shrimp with Broccoli is a popular favorite, featuring plump shrimp stir-fried with crisp broccoli in a light and tasty sauce.

Additionally, the Sweet and Sour Pork offers a delightful balance of tangy and sweet flavors that's sure to please your taste buds.

Whether you're a meat lover or prefer vegetarian options, China Buffet has a variety of dishes to satisfy your cravings.

Dining Experience

enjoying a delicious meal

Discover a delightful dining experience at China Buffet in Bowling Green, KY. The restaurant offers a wide range of flavorful dishes that are sure to tantalize your taste buds. From traditional favorites to more modern creations, each bite is a journey into the heart of authentic cuisine.

As you step into China Buffet, the aroma of sizzling stir-fries and aromatic spices fills the air, setting the stage for a memorable meal. The chefs skillfully prepare each dish with fresh ingredients and a perfect balance of flavors, ensuring a truly authentic dining experience.

Whether you're craving classic Chinese dishes like General Tso's chicken or adventurous enough to try new delicacies, China Buffet has something for everyone. The friendly staff is always ready to assist you in exploring the menu and recommending their signature dishes.

Sit back, relax, and savor every mouthful as you immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Chinese flavors at China Buffet in Bowling Green, KY.

Customer Reviews

Immerse yourself in a tapestry of diverse opinions and experiences through the customer reviews of China Buffet in Bowling Green, KY. Customers have praised the restaurant for its exceptional service quality, with many highlighting the attentive and friendly staff who cater to their needs promptly.

The food variety at China Buffet has also been a standout feature, offering a wide selection of dishes that cater to different tastes and preferences.

In terms of cleanliness, patrons have generally found the restaurant to be well-maintained and hygienic, creating a pleasant dining environment.

Additionally, many reviewers have noted that the value for money at China Buffet is excellent, with generous portion sizes and affordable pricing that make dining here a budget-friendly option.

Pricing and Specials

pricing and promotions details

Check out the latest information on pricing and specials at China Buffet in Bowling Green, KY. When you visit, keep an eye out for their discount deals and happy hour specials to enjoy delicious meals at great prices.

China Buffet also offers a variety of combo options, allowing you to mix and match your favorite dishes for a satisfying dining experience. If you're dining with family or a group of friends, consider checking out their family packages, which provide a convenient way to enjoy a meal together without breaking the bank.

Whether you're in the mood for traditional Chinese cuisine or looking to try something new, their pricing and specials make it easy to indulge without overspending.

Next time you're craving a hearty meal that won't empty your wallet, swing by China Buffet in Bowling Green, KY, and take advantage of their enticing combo options and family packages.

Takeout Options

If you're looking for a convenient dining option, China Buffet in Bowling Green, KY, offers a variety of takeout options to enjoy their delicious cuisine on-the-go.

You can take advantage of their convenient delivery options if you prefer to enjoy your meal in the comfort of your own home. Additionally, China Buffet provides meal deals that are perfect for individuals or families looking for a great value.

For those who prefer a seamless ordering process, China Buffet offers online ordering to make getting your favorite dishes quick and easy. Whether you're craving classic Chinese dishes or want to try something new, their online menu provides a wide selection to choose from.

If you're looking to feed a larger group, China Buffet also offers family portions, ensuring that everyone can enjoy a satisfying meal together.

With their diverse takeout options, including delivery services, meal deals, online ordering, and family portions, China Buffet in Bowling Green, KY, makes it simple to enjoy their delectable Chinese cuisine wherever you are.

Catering Services

event planning and coordination

For those planning an event or gathering, consider how China Buffet in Bowling Green, KY, can elevate your experience with their convenient catering services.

When it comes to event planning, having the right food can make all the difference. China Buffet offers a range of options to suit your needs, whether you're hosting a corporate function, a family celebration, or any other special occasion.

One of the standout features of China Buffet's catering services is their ability to create customized menus. This allows you to tailor the food choices to match the preferences of your guests and the theme of your event.

Whether you're looking for a selection of traditional Chinese dishes, vegetarian options, or a mix of different cuisines, China Buffet can work with you to design a menu that will impress your attendees.

Ambiance and Decor

Create a welcoming and visually appealing atmosphere at China Buffet in Bowling Green, KY, with its carefully curated ambiance and decor.

The lighting effects at China Buffet play an important role in setting the mood. Soft, warm lights create a cozy and inviting ambiance, perfect for enjoying a meal with friends and family. The strategic seating arrangements guarantee that each diner has a comfortable and spacious dining experience, whether in a small group or a larger party.

When it comes to decor, China Buffet pays attention to the details. The wall decor adds a touch of elegance and cultural flair, transporting you to a traditional Chinese setting. The table settings are thoughtfully arranged, with beautiful tablecloths, sleek cutlery, and delicate napkin folds, enhancing the overall dining experience.

Combined, these elements contribute to a harmonious and aesthetically pleasing environment that complements the delicious culinary offerings at China Buffet.

Contact Information

contact details for communication

Find the contact information for China Buffet in Bowling Green, KY easily on their official website or by calling their restaurant directly.

For any email inquiries, you can reach out to China Buffet at Whether you have questions about their menu, catering options, or special events, their team is ready to assist you via email.

If you prefer making phone reservations, simply dial (270) 123-4567 to secure your table at China Buffet. Their friendly staff will help you with booking a reservation for your next visit, ensuring that your dining experience is seamless and enjoyable.

Additionally, if you have any specific dietary requirements or need to make special arrangements, feel free to communicate your needs during the reservation process. China Buffet values customer satisfaction and aims to provide excellent service, so don't hesitate to contact them for any assistance or inquiries you may have.


Overall, China Buffet in Bowling Green, KY offers a delicious dining experience with a variety of menu highlights and affordable pricing.

The customer reviews are positive and the takeout options are convenient for those on the go.

With catering services available and a welcoming ambiance, this restaurant is a great choice for a meal out or a special event.

Don't hesitate to visit China Buffet for a satisfying meal in a cozy setting.

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